Sound Healing Practionner Instructions

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Meet your Teacher: Sarah Surrenders

Sarah Surrenders is a fully trained and experienced Sound Healing Practitioner. She has facilitated over 500 group sound baths, given 4000 private sessions, taught for over 1000 hours and trained 50+ students. She facilitates retreats and workshops both locally and internationally. Her entire life mission and dedication is Sound, Intuition Development and Self-Empowerment for Healing. Sarah saved her life with sound and transmits her passion and faith for the power that is vibration, frequency, sound and energy. She wishes to help awaken and raise the collective vibration through embodying her truth and radiating love and light while powerfully and gracefully holding space for others to remember how to heal themselves. Sarah Surrenders is operating as a voice channel for the Pleiades, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene and the High Frequency Council of Light. She has trained and been certified and trained as a Spiritual Healer,  Reiki Practitioner and Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner, she is trained in Yoga Nidra, Biofield Tuning, Theta Healing (Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper), Sound Healing courses with numerous teachers . She has also taken courses in Ayurveda and in the practice of Tantra and Sacred Union. She is currently undertaking her studies of the Archetypes under the teachings of Carolyn Myss, who she admires and respects immensely as well as taking the courses of Alexandre Nadeau for continued growth and expansion. 



‘‘Sarah is a highly versatile and talented healer; capable of blending her intuitive and empathic skills to tune into her clients or audience’s needs and prioritize the layers of healing for the setting. She completely surrenders herself to the process and magically navigates through her instruments to restore her clients with the utmost love and care. Not only is she an incredible sound healer, she is an exceptional teacher! Not all sound healers are teachers and, as one of her students, I can say she is endowed and exceptionally generous with her students. She is adept at understanding them and then fine-tuning classes to their needs effortlessly. Her love for sound radiates out to inspires, uplift and transforms others, whether it is in a healing session, a class or a cacao sound bath! So much gratitude for all that she has generously given to me"   - From Sophia - A Sound Healing Student



The Resonance Temple is the perfect space to learn about the art of Sound Healing. The Resonance Temple is a sound spa, where you can relax, surrender and recharge in comfort and luxury; it is a beautiful venue to learn in. You will be surrounded by 100 sacred sound instruments collected and hand chosen from around the globe, which will enable you to explore many different sounds as a student. Many instruments are available for your instruction, such as; gongs, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums, rattles, rainsticks, ocean drum and bells. The instructions are mainly centered around the use of singing bowls, how to use them effectively and how to truly create a sound bath that will be memorable for your future clients. Private instructions are tailored to your need and enable you to become a proficient practicionner. Come and take part of the magic.


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Please note that if you would like to be considered as a candidate for this unique 1-on-1 private frequency transmission training, you need to:

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2-     Book at least one 2 hour private session

3-     Then we can discuss further if we are the right energetic fit

Training is done one-on-one individually in a 25 hours format, or in group this summer a 100h group training will commence.

Once you have completed the steps, an application process will determine your candidature

This is done to ensure that we are energetically complimentary for one another. Thank you for your understanding.