A fusion of energy work with Sound used as the primary medium to facilitate healing, release and relaxation in sacred compassion filled space.

Frequency Codes: Sound Activation

My mission is to serve those in finding the divine inner guidance and knowing that lives within each of us. Using the power of sound and intution to inhance the sensation of silence of the mind and the grace to allow for the body, mind and spirt to receive the transmissions written in the ancient sacred sound practice.


Sound Baths

The Resonance Temple is a sacred space, where community gathers to relax and surrender to the soundscape created by over 100 sacred sound instruments collected and hand chosen from around the globe. Many instruments will be used for your upmost wellbeing, such as; gongs, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums, rattles, rainsticks, ocean drum, bells and of course the beautiful voice and chants of Sarah Surrenders. Come and take part of the magic.



Her entire life mission and dedication is Sound, Intuition Development and Self-Empowerment for Healing. Sarah saved her life with sound and transmits her passion and faith for the power that is vibration, frequency, sound and energy. She wishes to help awaken and raise the collective vibration through embodying her truth and radiating love and light while powerfully and gracefully holding space for others to remember how to heal themselves.


Sound Initiation: Remembering Your role as a frequency keeper

Workshops given in groups and/or privately from introductory self healing to advanced practitioner training. From 1 Hour instruction to 25 hour courses designed to meet your needs and around your schedule.Option to practice as an apprentice in a mentorship program.