Sarah continues to help me and my family clear our paths and the results have been incredible - and now we are doing this long distance! What a blessing it has been to find this beautiful teacher and guide on our journey. When in the presence of someone whose work is their life’s purpose, it can be felt and in Sarah’s case, heard! Beautiful sounds creating beautiful results! Feeling lighter and more peaceful.
— Josee

I absolutely loved it! It was my first sound bath, and I can’t wait to go back for more sessions in the future. Sarah has an awesome, kind, energy which is just perfect for the experience. I highly recommend her.
— Gina

Exploring a Sound Bath with Sarah is a vibrant experience ✨
Her intuition guides her throughout the session creating a harmonious rhythm for the entire group. Let yourself be transported by the healing, transformative powers of sound led by this beautiful soul... Thank YOU Sarah! Namaste
— Lynne

Sarah’s sound baths are always, if anything one of the most calming and “returning home” experiences you can have. Let the bowls take you on a journey into yourself or off into space.
— Alisson

It is wonderful to meet someone so genuine and completely immersed in their element. Sarah you are truly extraordinary at what you do, and I am so thankful to you and to your gift of sound healing. My first sound healing experience was on January 24. I came into this not knowing what to expect. As I lay down, Sarah began to weave her magic, and I slowly began to wander. But never did I feel lost. Sarah has a way of taking you on a journey and bringing you back with renewed love and gratitude for all that is. This morning I woke up peaceful, calm, and so very grateful. Thank you Sarah for who you are, I’m sure our paths will cross again.
— Angela

Some people are surrounded by positive energy and they transfer some to you when you interact with them. Sarah is one of such rare people. She truly believes in sound healing and in the magic of sacred sounds. And that belief transforms into a powerful healing force in her practice.You will feel so much lighter and relaxed after a meditative or restorative sound session with Sarah. Try it, you will not regret it.
— Ajna

Big-big-big loving hugs !!!! Your sound healing did WONDERS to my SOUL today .... pulled me out of a deep-deep sad feeling — all my light was gone for the whole week —- and suddenly; tonight I feel I’m BACK ... ready to be the sparkling light again — and contribute to be my piece of the puzzle on healing this earth and our human existence ....
And I have to add something:
Your sounds just healed something in me ... ( not only emotional ) ... my tailbone was actually badly hurt and I couldn’t sit ... I saw twice an osteopath and took homéopathie ... but after the moon sound bath ... wow - today the pain in just completely GONE - yes GONE !!!
LOVE !! — you will get to see me more often :-)
— Gord Lee

Sarah is such a talented sound healer.
I’ve been regularly attending her sound healing bath, super power yet gentle. Such beautiful and transcendent voyages into higher realms within by being.
I’ve experienced so much deep healing on all levels of my being.
I am so grateful for Sarah’s beautiful and talented contribution to our world.
I highly recommend her sound baths as well as her private sound healing sessions!
— Joy