I consider myself to be humbled, blessed and deeply honoured to facilitate deep transformations in those I work with. Together, we unfold through the art of presence, active listening, space holding, sound journeys, spiritual teachings and ancestral wisdom to unblock and release pain in the emotional and physical bodies. As a team, we, the receiver, space holder-transmitter and the sacred sounds journey to the other side of our conscious awareness, where we unlock and discover the potential that has yet to be accessed and seen. You and I become like the serpents dancing, moving with and through energies that may feel heavy and dense until we get to the sense of innocence, lightness and fully embodied joy that is the essence of your being. From there we amplify the shifts and transformations by introducing sound. Each session is divinely guided and channelled to best assist you on the integration of your truths, the pursuits of your passions and entering into dialogue with your higher self. Leaving the physical body, and being projected with and through sound into the higher dimensions and beginning the ascension of the soul, we explore a soundscape that brings clarity, inner peace and acceptance of all that is. As I Sarah, surrender into the sounds, so do you and the results are breathtaking beautiful. In the presence of the feminine and the archetypal energies at play, ancient healing practices and wisdom in a sacred temple space allows deep healing and releases to happen. This activates the radiance within, the light that shines so bright, and take flight through the power of prayer and grace channelled through sound. Enter the castle of your soul, and remember the power that dwells within. I can open the door and welcome you, but you must step through into the realm of healing and embodied living. Are you RWA -Ready, Willing and Able to feel your own magic? 

Sarah Surrenders is a McGill University Graduate of Anthropology and International Development, which lead her to travel and live abroad in over 30 countries, learning from each culture and tradition she immersed herself in. She feels at home and connected to Bali, Indonesia, the place that birthed her healing journey. She is also deeply in touch with the heart beat of Pachamama, the mother earth energy in Latin America, where she travelled, fell in love with an Ecuadorian and lived for two years. Her passion for travel, and learning and interacting with all cultures, and people keep her following where the wind blows her. She is happy to facilitate sessions and trainings in English, French and Spanish. 

By practice and virtue of dedicating the last five years solely to sound and holistic resonance, she works as a fully independent and full time sound healing practitioner and sound healing instructor. She has now conducted over 2500+ private sessions, 400 + group sound bath, and has trained over 50 students totaling well over 700 hours of one on one private training with her students.  Suffice it to say that Sarah has become fully engulfed by her passion to work with and through sound as her contribution to raising the collective vibration. An eternal student, she is constantly improving on herself, deepening her understanding and seeking the right teachers and mentors to guide and assist her on staying on her highest path potential. She travels far and wide to learn from those she feels deeply called to and those who are well established and admired in the field of sound healing. 

She has trained and been certified and trained as a Spiritual Healer,  Reiki Practitioner and Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner, she is trained in Yoga Nidra, Biofield Tuning, Theta Healing (Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper), Sound Healing courses with numerous teachers . She has also taken courses in Ayurveda and in the practice of Tantra and Sacred Union. She is currently undertaking her studies of the Archetypes under the teachings of Carolyn Myss, who she admires and respects immensely as well as taking the courses of Alexandre Nadeau for continued growth and expansion. 

Sarah offers group and private sound sessions, cacao ceremonies, red tent circles, new and full moon ceremonies and workshops in sound healing from The Resonance Temple in Montreal (Verdun), Quebec. She offers retreats and sound healing training and workshops both locally and internationally . Sarah is most called to work with those struggling with issues surrounding infertility, hormonal imbalance, grief, depression, emotional traumas, feminine empowerment and manifesting love and abundance. She was able to physically heal herself with sound and her dedication to inner work and a devotion to the self, she enjoys helping those who are trying to tackle illness through alternative methods of healing and deep inner work. 

Sarah now only works with individuals who feel called both to sound and to her as a practitioner and who are ready to fully engage on their healing path. Due to the high volume of demand, she is practicing the art of discernment with both sessions and teachings as they require her to show up fully.  Sarah requires that you be fully ready to meet her to ensure an equal energy exchange. If she doesn't feel she can be of assistance or is not the right energetic fit she can recommend one of her many students who can best meet your needs.

Sound Healing

Ideal for going deep into the subconscious focusing on emotional release, addressing traumatic events and memories, reducing physical pain and exploring the emotional relation to illness and dis-ease. This can be a transformational spiritual journey providing clarity and direction to the recipient in a non-invasive experiential highly personalized session.


Tuning Fork Session

Surface deep emotions, work on physical pains and release old programs by working in your bio-energetic field. The tuning forks will be used on and around your body as you relax on the massage table. The methodology used is in part based from my Acutonics Training ,and my training with Eileen Mckusick using the methodologies of Biofield Tuning in addition to my own discoveries working with Tuning Forks both on and off the body with high frequency froks and weighted forks as well. I also introduce other sounds into the session to amplify the experience and help you drop in deeper both before and after to better receive.


Couples Sound Session

These sessions can be used as romantic experiences that encourage deeper connection and sacred union through sound. They may also be used to address issues within the relationship dynamics and allows for a safe container and space to be held for both to feel heard and supported through discussion and then followed by sound.


Yoni Steams

This practice is based on thousands of years of tradition for naturally treating issues and discomforts that women may experience in their womb area. This practice uses a custom blend of herbs, flowers, plants, and steam to assist women deal with symptoms, pains, fertility issues, emotional traumas, premenstrual symptoms and postpartum recovery and reconnection to the sacred feminine. This practice and ritual, allows us as women to connect at a deep level with the womb and womanhood in a deeply relaxing, comforting and healing space.

This ritual includes, a yoni steam, womb pack, womb centered reiki, herbal tisane and time in silent meditation.

I was trained and certified by the Yoni Steam Institute.


Reiki Healing + Crystal Healing

Reiki uses universal energy to naturally flow between practicioner and the recipient. Using a combination of hands on healing, over the body energy work and the application of crystals either on or around the body the body is able to deeply relax and receive these energies which can help them relax, destress and connect to their higher selves. Reiki, is a very subtle in nature and is best suited for someone who has an open mind and heart and or who is able to connect, see, feel and perceive energy.

I was trained and intitiated by several teachers in one to one transmissions in person and in multiple courses online as well. I am a member of the Reiki Healing Association.

Theta Healing 

Theta is a modality that uses the information received by accessing information while journeying into the Theta brain wave state to help us release and clear limiting beliefs and programs. Using a series of questions and techniques this method attempts to get to the core of issues and blocks in order to bring us into a deeper state of awareness and understanding and with a greater connection with the Creator.

Trained in Basic DNA, Advanced and Dig Deeper by the THINK Institute


Grace, Sound & Guidance

This combines a made to measure session for your current needs. The session fuses together a mixture of the different modalities, as and if needed in addition to the Sound Healing. Messages, information and higher level guidance, channelled information and messages from departed loved ones can sometimes come through if the moment is right. This, higher level guidance, is not promised but may or may not present itself to you to provide clarity.

I work best when I have time, and space to really flow and drop in and unravel and discover core issues and blockages as we work together to shift and bring new levels of awareness and discovery of deep truths and connection to source.

These sessions are my favourite as we simply dance with the energy present.



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