Sound Initiation Trainings

Please note: In order to properly transmit and honor the practice and the power of sound as a healing modality Sarah is very selective in the students she trains. The proper energetic fit and intention behind learning is key as sessions are taught one on one or in very small groups. A meeting is required beforehand to determine compatibility. Sarah has over 700 hours of experience teaching the practice to 50 + students internationally. Once a student takes the course they are supported and mentored by her on their own journey with sound. 

Level 1: Introduction to Meditation and Self-Healing with Tibetan Bowls- Basic introduction to Healing the self, Meditation. Relaxation, Stress reduction, Techniques to soothe and calm general physical ailments, application of bowls on the body. Instructions on how to select the right bowls for your needs, different methods of playing the bowls. 5 hour workshop.

Level 2: Using Sound to Facilitate Healing- Using knowledge acquired in level one, you will further develop your sound healing techniques and learn a) to identify and release pains and emotional blockages b) learn to evaluate and read the chakras and corresponding physical and psychological disorders, c) learn how to work with a pendulum  and d) sonic energetic massage.  5 hour workshop.  Level 1 is required to undertake this course. 10 Hours

Level 3: Sound Healing & Intuition- Introduction to Holistic and Intuitive Healing Approach. Introduction to sound practices and instruments including drum, rattles, gong and voice (chanting). Finding your voice and technique for healing, developing your psychic abilities, and how to conduct a full sensory healing experience.  10 hours

 Full course is 25 hours taught privately and individualized for you and your needs and vision with sound, vibration and frequency. These course are all intuitively guided and never follow the same structure. We unpack your own blocks and help fine tune you as the instrument of God so that you can better hold space and offer sessions that facilitate individuals to heal themselves through sound and through self care and inner work. 

1:1 Sound Mentorship

Group Sound Healing Trainings

Sound Foundation For Healing