A few magical words about Sarah…Sarah is a pioneer figure in Montreal in sound healing. She plunged into this modality by following her heart and carved out her own path in order to study it, as there are very few people who actually teach it in Canada. It required a great deal of courage and risk-taking to follow her dream and she used her own life as a springboard to learn, heal and offer this divine gift to others. She is a highly versatile and talented healer; capable of blending her intuitive and empathic skills to tune into her clients or audience’s needs and prioritize the layers of healing for the setting. She completely surrenders herself to the process and magically navigates through her instruments to restore her clients with the utmost love and care. Not only is she an incredible sound healer, she is an exceptional teacher! Not all sound healers are teachers and, as one of her students, I can say she is endowed and exceptionally generous with her students. She is adept at understanding them and then fine-tuning classes to their needs effortlessly. Her love for sound radiates out to inspires, uplift and transforms others, whether it is in a healing session, a class or a cacao sound bath! So much gratitude for all that she has generously given to me ".   -Sophia <--3- Sound Healing Student - Photographer/Artist<3 

Sarah es mi maestra, me enseño todo lo que se de los sonidos y vibraciones. Ahora sigo su enseñanza y también asisto a sus sesiones maravillosas de sonidos y vibración que llegan a lo mass profundo, transformando toda la energía en una energía sanadora.                                                                              - Marcela - Sound Healing Student - Customer Service Relations

Je connais Sarah depuis environ 1 an maintenant, j'ai fait ma formation avec elle pour pouvoir offrir des soins sonores moi aussi, et c'est une des plus belles expériences que j'ai vécue jusqu'à maintenant ! Ces nouveaux apprentissages et la rencontre de Sarah ont complètement changé ma Vie pour le mieux. Sarah est la douceur même, l'attention, l'écoute, la présence du cœur et la compréhension. Il n'y a pas de mots assez puissants pour lui exprimer toute ma gratitude. Mille Merci Sarah :-)                                                 - Nathalie - Sound Healing Student

I first met Sarah back in February during a new moon sound healing group session. I was blown away. My body and soul LOVED every minute of the sound bath. I felt a year old blockage in my heart chakra leaving my body at the same time she played those chimes over my body. I cried, released and let go of so much stuff. The whole night was just magical for me.

In every group session that I attended, I always felt that Sarah was being present, feeling the vibe and giving so much to the group, but also to each individual in return. Plus, she has the voice of an angel (maybe she actually is an angel?!).
I felt drawn to learn more about sound healing and Tibetan bowls. An inexplicable feeling. I just had to do it. I had no idea what I could possibly do with that knowledge, but something was calling me. So I did an 8 hours private class with Sarah on Tibetan bowls. She shared so much information with me, with such an open heart, a beautiful soul, so generous always. 
Wonderful experience! I will be forever grateful that I met Sarah and she brought me on this path that I barely knew existed 5 months ago.                      
 - Audrey - Sound Healing Student - Photographer

Wow. Get a sound healing from Sarah as soon as possible. It is really a life changing experience. We get so caught up in the world around us that we end up missing the world inside us. My experience with Sarah helped me get back in touch with my inner-world.- Brian

What Sarah offers through her intuitive gifts, shamanic training, singing bowls and tuning forks is absolutely transformative. She is able to help you work through mental, emotional and physical blockages through the power of sound. I can't recommend Sarah more highly because she is the best at what she does. I've been practicing sound healing for years and she is the most remarkable sound healer and teacher I've ever met. She does not just play the bowls. She invites them. Each time, depending on who she is healing, the bowls sound a different story and her intuitive power discovers what the story is and how it wants to play out. There are very few people that have this ability but what makes Sarah even more special is that she has the boundless compassion to heal with elegance and grace. I hope as many people support Sarah as possible as she is doing such an important service for all beings. She also does distant healings which are extremely effective. So, please, follow Sarah, receive a healing and be blessed in the source of beauty through which Sarah breathes, expands and heals.                               -Brian - Sound Healing Student - Sound Healer