Wow...Sarah dans la douceur, l'amour du coeur, la sensibilité, la connection avec plus grand que le tout!!! nous fait vibrer au son des bols et bien plus, le son du tambour... Le tout nous transperces par tout les pores de notre peau notre système...un bain de haute vibration du corps qui réveille qui endors qui fait ce don le corps a besoin dans le moment présent..presque oublie... sa voie son chant...attention ca devient une addiction...Pour des sessions plus intime donc encore plus intense en petit groupe... ouf Merci belle ange du son...                                                                                 -Martin - Chef - Massage Therapist

Sarah is such a talented sound healer. I’ve been regularly attending her sound healing bath, super power yet gentle. Such beautiful and transcendent voyages into higher realms within by being. I’ve experienced so much deep healing on all levels of my being. I am so grateful for Sarah’s beautiful and talented contribution to our world. I highly recommend her sound baths as well as her private sound healing sessions!
- Michael - Acupuncturist - Awakening the Illuminated Heart Facilitator

Sarah has a wise and compassionate presence is healing in itself, she truly walks with angels. Sarah really brings everything she has- and something of the divine to her intuitive sound sessions. She's a born healer and in her element here.                                                                       -Hayden - Yoga Teacher

What a amazing experience! Relaxing and energizing at the same time. Sarah knows how to bring people together and connects with them in a way that you feel that you are home. Excellent!  - Joy - Homeopath

Sarah is a MUST! Beautiful Soul in this world. Star in the sky, not to be missed. If you are searching for your own healing, deeper meaning, you are due for a visit.- Dita - Bali Retreat Participant - Pilates Instructor and Studio Owner

In one word~ Angel  - Sarah is a gift to the world ! A passionate, dedicated healer, highly intuitive and ever so gentle. I've had several sessions with her which have been transformational. I feel blessed for our paths coming together.                                                                     -Thalia - Sound Healing Student - Massage Therapist – Healer

I had a Sacred Sound Healing session with Sarah in Bali. I tried not having any expectations of it, although I was looking forward peaceful meditation in a quiet setting, immersed in the world of sounds. Sarah started a session with combination of aroma therapy and deeply calming sounds that relaxed me deeply. I felt my shoulders softening and my eyes sinking deep into my skull. She touched the soles of my feet and I felt the energy of our two beings merging into one. Energy was freely flowing and it felt no boundary between our two beings. Gently, Sarah's started a pendulum energy scan. I was already completely opened up and I gladly accepted the scanning waves as she went over each of my chakras. She located the chakra that was blocked and announced that we'll start working on it now, using a series of tuning forks.

Using her tuning forks, Sarah guided me through my life starting at birth and working her way up until the present, detecting the periods where trauma happened and embedded into my energy field. Gradually working her way up through my life, she detected and pointed out 3 major areas of unresolved stuck energy which I was carrying with me for many years. One of them all the way back to puberty. Together we went into the actual trauma, located the moment of my reaction and identified the "protective mask" I placed over my being at that time. The mask I placed on myself back then - stayed with me unconsciously through all the later years, making its way into all decisions I made, distorting all the perceptions I had. Discovering this moment and mask was a hugely powerful.

We found 2 other big blockages I carried with me for more than 10 years each. One had to do with unreleased pain I kept stuck and never fully manifested, related to my mother's passing. The other one with unresolved anger & resentment originating in a specific event which directly caused my decision to get a divorce. That particular event was charged with deep disappointment in partnerships and friendships, which I clearly felt was still very present in me.

What started as light, pleasant tea ceremony, aroma-therapy and heavenly music, took an amazing turn and I found myself DEEP into my energy body, revealing some of the deepest and most painful experiences which decades later I was still hanging on to. Re-visiting those events and witnessing how much I still held on to the pain was DEEPLY healing. Once identified she suggested cleansing rituals for me to do in my own time. Then, she started cleansing the blockages with sound. It felt like I was starting to breathe fully again. She worked on my energy field for a good 2.5 hours. To me it felt like 15 minutes...

As powerful as it was at the session, I felt the full power of Sarah's healing only in the following days. Traumas stuck in my energy field caused me to have blockages for years, especially in the area of male-female relating and certain unhealthy views about sex. One day after Sarita's treatment I thought about those familiar issues again, just to see where I stand. In awe, I noticed how I am seeing them from entirely different angle now. Sarah touched something deep inside me and cleansed it. And by doing that, she unlocked and unleashed my ability to see human relations with all its quirks and imperfections from a deeply compassionate point of view. This new view made me feel an incredible lightness of existence. I was filled with warmth and gratitude. Gratitude for being alive. Gratitude for each day and each hour of my life. Gratitude for all the beautiful people in my life, and also for all those who I'll never meet. I feel their joys and their struggles. I feel their love and pain. And I realize that we dance together this beautiful dance of life, with courage, with an endearing clumsiness and ultimately - with best intentions in our humble quest for love and happiness. I am deeply grateful!!!                          -Vitorio - Astrologer

Sarah is the BEST sound healer I’ve ever heard in my life! And she’s my favourite too. ❤️ If you want to know why, you have to attend one of her one on one sound healing sessions, or one of her events.
- Shams Al Habib - Singer - Sufi Teacher - Healer