1- Restorative Sound Bath ideal for relaxation, insomnia, stress reduction, anxiety issues, minor aches, pains and ailments, sadness and immune system boost.

75 minutes - $ 120

2- Sound healing ideal for going deep into the subconscious focusing on emotional release, addressing traumatic events and memories, reducing physical pain and exploring the emotional relation to illness and dis-ease. This can be a transformational spiritual journey providing clarity and direction to the recipient in a non-invasive experiential highly personalized session.

1.5 hours - $ 150

3- Deep Sound Healing Experience with shamanic elements. Diving deeper into exploration of the physical and non-physical world in a shamanic sound journey. A more intensive personalized session aimed to facilitate your deepest healing.

2 hours - $180

4. Tuning Fork Session - Surface deep emotions, work on physical pains and release old programs by working in your bio-energetic field. The tuning forks will be used on and around your body as you relax on the massage table. 

1 Hour - $ 100

5. Sonic Vibratory Massage - Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, and Tuning forks are applied directly on and around the body as you relax on the massage table. Deep tensions, pains and stress is melted away through the direct application of vibration and sound. 

1 Hour - 100$

6. Reiki  and Sound - 1 Hour- 100 $ (Can be done in person or distance)

Large Groups


Full Moon Sound Baths consist of powerful sounds, vibrations, energy and frequencies, meditation and a reintegration period for connection to silence and self.

Intimate Ceremonies


Cacao Ceremonies: In addition to stimulating your senses with sacred sound, to further awaken your heart and connect to your true inner self, you will be served ceremonial Cacao,the elixir of the Gods, to amplify your experience.