What you will need to make your own Sacred Sounds

For all information and your needs to make your own Sacred Sounds in the private sanctuary of your own home, please request a consultation session with me. I can help you with your purchase of all sound healing equipment at well below retail value.


Tibetan Bowls

A must to make sacred healing sounds. I can help you choose the bowls that speak and resonate with you. Combine it with my private or group Introduction to Bowls Basic Workshop and you are well on your way to making your own Sound Medicine. 


Other Sacred Sound Instruments

What mallets work best with which bowls? How to find the best tingshas, bells, pendulums, chimes, etc. to create your own sound bath? I can help you choose the best instruments. 



What are the best incense? Help you choose from a range of fragrance such as Rose, Jasmine, etc.


Yoni Steam

Why not try a Yoni steam. It is an ancient remedy that has been passed down through generations before us, the vaginal steam has been known to keenly maintain the health of the uterus. I can help you discover the benefits.


Herbs & Essential oils

Sage and Palosanto. Essential oils.