I had a wonderful session with Sarah and she really picked up on some heavy, yet true stuff from my childhood. And we got to clear some things. I loved the session , I felt lots of energy running through my body and I felt very safe with her. 
I would recommend her for everyone who needs a little bit of therapy, she's such a loving person. Sarah - Stay at Home Mom

Sarah est un être sensible et ouvert à tous les gens qu'elle rencontre. La lumière de son sourire et de ses yeux nous parlent et nous mettent tout de suite en confiance. Elle utilise le son de ses différents bols tibétains, de ses instruments et de sa voix merveilleuse pour créer un pont entre notre âme, notre cœur, notre esprit et l'Univers! Les bains de sons de Sarah sont remplie d'amour, de douceur, d'humour et d'une possibilité infinie de guérison! Merci Sarah de partager ta passion des sons avec nous!                                    - Sabrina - Bali Retreat Participant

I used to feel very sad and emotionally not fulfilled, and lived a life that was not very joyful. Since meeting Sarah, about six months ago, and participating in her gatherings at least once a week, it was the best decision I have ever made. Her sound sessions are transformative and heart opening and nothing short of pure magic. I have Sarah to thank for meeting the love of my life and my new ventures in my life. I highly recommend her services!   - Reza - Restauraunt Owner - Personal Trainer

Before I met Sarah and attended her first sound healing session, nearly three years ago,  I had no idea or interest in sound healing. I have since attended nearly every sound bath since. It's such an amazing experience that helped and taught me how to meditate easier , reduce my stress and anxiety and unleash my innate abilities . Thank you Sarah for teaching and giving me this strength .                                     - Ali - Eng. Student

I have known Sarah for a long time so I can say with certainty that she has definitely found her calling in life with the bowls. Had a very relaxing session and would recommend to all! - Denise - Pharmacist

Initially I wasn't too sure what to expect;  I left our session feeling relaxed and renewed. Sarah and the sound healing instruments effectively come together as one to create an outer-body experience and i would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to de-stress and regroup.  - Tina - Financial Consultant

Magical. Sacred experience. Rejuvenating. Gentle energy with profoundly powerful results. Releases my pain from arthritis, a broken knee bone and even helps lower my blood sugar levels.  A deep experience, surrounded my love and compassion.                                        - Suzanne - Photographer

It's hard to find a true healer that is meant to help others and trust someone to heal you, but since the first practice with Sarah I felt so connected and truly amazed by results. So strong, devoted and passionate, ready to give whatever it takes to help. Thank you so much for wonderful experiences, visions, expansion and healing! - Ieva - Student/Artist

La guerison a son meilleur❤️! Gabriel - Industrial Worker