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Cosmic Vibrations: Sound Healing Concert

  • Beach United Church 140 Wineva Avenue Toronto, ON, M4E 2T4 Canada (map)

The healing power of sound is legendary and humanity is reclaiming its powerful ancient wisdom, merging it with amazing discoveries of quantum reality. Sound has the power to harmonize what is in dis-ease, bring us into profound states of relaxation to alleviate the increasing stress of modern life and open us to connection with the mystical. This concert will bring together once again the renowned Sound Healers and Sacred Musicians: Darren Austin Hall, Sarah Surrenders & Zach Sukuweh. This trio of three Geminis, performed their inaugural healing concert on New Year's Day to prime our energies for the portal into 2018 with excellence and glory in one of the most beautiful acoustic spaces in Toronto: Beach United Church. We are immensely joyful to return to this sacred space to offer sound healing gifts to tune us to cosmic energies of magnificent benefit. Families are welcome and children under 12 are free! We were happy to have a packed house last time with many children. The children of today are highly sensitive to subtle energies or what science calls bio-electricity and the ancients deemed "qi", "prana" and "spiritus". They highly enjoy these healing sounds. We will be sharing a magnificent diversity of instruments including the incredible crystal singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, drums, shamanic singing AND glorious collective chanting and singing. We look forward to bringing you the sweetest vibrations! Cacao elixirs and yummy treats will also be on hand for purchase.