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Fall Equinox Cacao Sound Ceremony

  • Resonance Temple Lachine Quebec Canada (map)

Sacred Sounds: This session will be a deep exploration of more earthing sounds, chants drumming and grouding energy as we prepare to go into the Fall Season. 
Super Charged Ceremonial Cacao from The Cacao Shaman in Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Intimate Session - attendance is limited for these ceremonies
Sharing Circle
3 hours
Going Deep

Awaken and stimulate your senses, mind, body and spirit through the ceremonial use of Cacao and Sound. Journey as a group and within yourself through this magical marriage of Sacred cacao and sound used to to promote deep soul healing. Open the heart chakra, connect with the elixir of the Gods, that has been ceremonially cultivated and prepared for your consumption. Allow your emotions and desires to surface in a safe and intimate space. Raw, organic cacao, is a profound healer, nourishing every part of you, allow for the sounds to wash over you and relax deeply and release. 

Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Crystal Pyramid, Bells, Chime, Gongs, Frame Drum, Chant, etc. 

- Yoga mats, blankets, bolsters provided.

Address sent via message once confirmed!

3 hours - Energetic exchange of 50$

Reservation required. Reserve your place! Message me here.