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Cosmic New Moon Sound Bath

You are invited to the Cosmic New Moon Sound Bath this June 2nd at the Resonance Temple. Come experience the sacred sounds and bathe under the Songs of the Stars chanted by Sarah Surrenders.

The New Moon of June, in Gemini, is bringing a very airy and mental energy to it, permitting us to access higher knowledge. Gemini is also known as the twins (or the lovers card in Tarot) – we are able to see from different perspectives and connect with multidimensional energy. To an exterior eye, this might seem confusing, but truly Gemini is a genius at receiving and processing these dual incoming information. This is a good time to do the internal work, harmonize and find integration between different parts of yourself. Come and integrate your higher self at the Resonance as we embrace the energy send to us by the universe this month.

This New Moon Event will start off with a Gathering Circle with the other attendees to set your intention. Then you will be cocooned to receive the sound bath, which will amplify your intention. The vibrations and sounds of the sacred instruments will be used as a technology for remembering ancient wisdom, reawakening cellular and dormant DNA codes. Come relax and sink into these sounds.



-        Promotes a deep state of relaxation

-        Slows down brain waves, breathing and heart rate

-        Activates the parasympathetic nervous system which supports the immune system

-        Assists with reducing stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression

-        Creates the safe space for the release of emotions

-        Allows for oneness, bliss and deep connection with all that is

-        Deepening of Spiritual Connection



The cushions, mats and blankets are all provided for. You are welcome to bring crystals, jewelry or water if you want to charge them under the frequencies of the sound healing bath.

The doors of the Resonance Temple open 15 minutes before the beginning of the event (no earlier), and will close at 15 minutes after the time set for this event. You are welcome to come in, to take your time and relax before the start of the Gathering Circle. 

There are many parking spaces easily found on the street of the Resonance Temple. Please do not park in the private parking space which is used by residents only.

Energetic Contribution – 44$



The Resonance Temple is a sacred space, where community gathers to relax and surrender to the soundscape created by over 100 sacred sound instruments collected and hand chosen from around the globe. Many instruments will be used for your upmost wellbeing, such as; gongs, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums, rattles, rainsticks, ocean drum, bells and of course the beautiful voice and chants of Sarah Surrenders. Come and take part of the magic.



Sarah Surrenders is a fully trained and experienced Sound Healing Practitioner. Come experience the channeled songs of the stars by Sa-Ra. She is operating as a voice channel for the Pleiades, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene and the High Frequency Council of Light. She is now offering light language and frequency transmissions for your divine alignment with your own cosmic self. She moves to the rhythm and movement of the Cosmic Serpent, enabling you to tap into this divine energy within yourself.

Sarah has facilitated over 500 group sound baths, given 4000 private sessions, taught for over 1000 hours and trained 50+ students. She facilitates retreats and workshops both locally and internationally.

Her entire life mission and dedication is Sound, Intuition Development and Self-Empowerment for Healing. Sarah saved her life with sound and transmits her passion and faith for the power that is vibration, frequency, sound and energy. She wishes to help awaken and raise the collective vibration through embodying her truth and radiating love and light while powerfully and gracefully holding space for others to remember how to heal themselves.

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