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End of Mercury Retrograde Sound Medicine - A Journey Within

After 3 weeks in Mercury Retrograde, the Equinox, Super Full Moon and Solar Flares we let go and release and celebrate the lightness ahead!

Just like the ancients did in their temples thousands of years ago, we are beggining to understand and utilise sound as a way to effect and assist us on our journeys and path to healing and ascension. Sound has been used as sacred medicine and in ceremony since the beggining of time, transcending all cultures, places, times and belief systems, sound is central to all of humanity. We gather to remember and to access the energy, light and information that we each carry within us.

Be held in sacred space, in deep listening, in connection, in feeling and in receiving. Allow the sounds to gentle wash over you and feel yourself melting into the depth of your being. With grace, guidance and sound, Sarah, Surrenders and leads the way for your to go inside and expore. Group sessions will leave you feeling supported, cared for, a part of community, and deeply relaxed and or energized depending on how it is received by you.

Surrounded with over 100 sacred instruments all hand chosen from around the world, you can rest assured you are in professional and well experienced hands.

Sarah has conducted over 5000 private sound sounds, trained 50 + students individually, and facilitated over 500 sound baths and womens circles. She facilitates retreats and mentors clients one on one in addition to her work with sound. Her passion is working with women, and helping them create the lives they desire. Her life experiences with physical and emotional issues have influenced her work tremendously, sound was the door that allowed her to transform, reclaim her power, find her voice and her higher purpose. 

Discover and journey with the soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Chimes, Unity Drum, Frame Drums, Rattles, Chanelled Chants, Light Language, Mantras, etc.

Join us at The Temple of Resonance for this heart-centred experience of ceremony & sound!

2.5 Hour Offering - Energetic Contribution of $44

Abundance of Free Street Parking (Please do not park in the private parking lot)