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Solstice Sound Healing

Winter Solstice Full Moon Sound Bath

Full Moon in Cancer! Be guided through the emotional waters of Cancer with sound, sharing circle and cacao ceremony. This moon holds the potential for us to work on forgiveness in order to set ourselves free from the burden of heightened sensitivity.

Be held in sacred space, in deep listening, in connection, in feeling and in receiving. Allow the sounds to gentle wash over you and feel yourself melting into the depth of your being. With grace, guidance and sound, Sarah, Surrenders and leads the way for your to go inside and expore. Group sessions will leave you feeling supported, cared for, a part of community, and deeply relaxed and or energized depending on how it is received by you.

You can rest assured you are in professional and well experienced hands. Sarah has conducted over 4000 private sound sounds, trained 50 + students individually, and facilitated over 500 sound baths and womens circles. She facilitates retreats and mentors clients one on one in addition to her work with sound. Her passion is working with women, and helping them create the lives they desire. Her life experiences with physical and emotional issues have influenced her work tremendously, sound was the door that allowed her to transform, reclaim her power, find her voice and her higher purpose.

Discover and journey with the soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Chimes, Drums, Rattles, Chanelled Chants, Light Language, Mantras, etc.
Join us in Resonance for this heart-centred experience with sound!

******Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and or cushion to ensure your comfort. You will be laying down for the session. *******