Corporate & Private Events


Corporate Events

Bring a sound bath into your place of work. Employee metal health is now being recognized as vitally important to ensure a happy and fulfilled workforce and work environment. Yoga, meditation and breathwork is now being offered by many companies, in an attempt to better care for their employees who can then better care for their customers and improve productivity and a cohesive work space. Sound healing is a great way to help to harmonize and recharge your entire team. The intention is to bring them into a state of deep relaxation, stress release and connection to themselves which will help things flow with grace and ease as individuals and as a team.

No group is too big or too small, and together we come up with a plan to best serve your team and your companies vision.


Private Events

Bring your own group, friends, family together to experience sound.

Whether we are in sound and ceremony for a celebration such as a bachelorette party, engagment, briday shower, birthday, retirement, birth celebration we can address your vision and goal for the session.

We can also create a safe and sacred space for healing and expressing feelings on more difficult occasions such as the illness of a loved one, death, preparation for death, and divorce.

Bringing your group into harmony and unison, to celebrate or to simply just receive sound among friends for a casual experience.

No group is too small, maximum capacity in the Resonance Temple is 30 people, other spaces can be rented if needed.